• We are taking charge of our community's environment We need to green our neighborhoods and communities for the benefit of all A vigilant and involved community can have a positive affect on the health and prosperity of its members. Learn how to get involved in community projects that can help your family and your community.
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  • Preparing children for college as early as possible Early college preparedness is crucial to support college success Children need to be encouraged at a very early age to be prepared for the rigors of college life. Learn how you can help your child become successful throughout their college career and nurture the abundant talent in your midst.
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  • We need more green professionals Mentoring and green internships are just the start to prepare for a professional career Over the next 20 years, job growth within the professional green job sector is expected to grow faster than any other. Be prepared to help your community take part of this area of growth and prosperity.
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We promote community-based sustainability projects, college readiness and green economy career development

Green Jobs and Career Development

Many green careers require a strong background in the sciences. When developing a green career path, we can help with resources and guidance on how to navigate the green job world. >>read more

Community-based Environmental Projects

We list resources that can help with issues that affect your community's environment. Safe play areas, access to community gardens and clean air and water are part of a thriving community. >>read more

College Readiness Programs and Support

Starting children with the concept of college very early is important. Learn how to better prepare the children of your community to improve their chances of succeeding in college and in life. >>read more


Supporter testimonials

When the Latino Green Project launched their college outreach program at our school, it was a godsend. We always get forgotten by mainstream programs and we are forever grateful!

Karla Gomez
6th Grade Teacher
South Gate, CA